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Selection Tools & drawing tools

  • Drawing and modifying basic shapes
  • Using the pen and pencil tools to create paths
  • Adjusting paths
  • Using paintbrushes
  • Using the pathfinder panel to create complex objects
  • Selection tools and options

Using Colour

  • Applying Stroke and Fill colours
  • Mixing and picking RGB, CMYK & Pantone colours
  • Using ‘live colour’ panel to create colour schemes
  • Re-colouring artwork with ‘live colour’
  • Gradients and blends, gradient mesh
  • Saving and modifying colours for later use, and then importing them
  • Using ‘live paint’

Working with Text

  • Typing directly onto the page and importing text from a text file
  • Creating columns of text
  • Setting text attributes (font, colour, size, kerning, etc.)
  • Copying text attributes from other text
  • Wrapping text around objects or flowing along a path

Working With Images

  • Placing photographs and other artwork into Illustrator
  • Choosing whether to link or embed image files
  • Creating borders around images
  • Using a path to mask an an area of an image
  • Modifying image colours and appearance
  • Using ‘live trace’ to create vector art from photographs

Working with Layers

  • Creating layers - setting layer properties
  • Viewing, hiding and locking layers
  • Moving objects between layers


  • Page setup
  • Viewing the document and working in artwork or preview modes
  • Navigating around your document
  • Grids, guides, and other features to help you accurately position objects
  • Adding and using guidelines - locking and unlocking, positioning accurately
  • Getting information about the document and contents
  • Exporting artwork for Photoshop or for a DTP program
  • Tools & Panels
  • Using the Info Panel & the Transform Panel to maintain accuracy
  • Moving, aligning, & grouping objects
  • Transforming and warping objects
  • Using envelope distortions
  • Using filters - Vector and bitmap filters
  • Using effects and utilising the appearance Panel
  • Creating symbols and altering how they are applied and their appearance
  • Creating 3D objects in Illustrator
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

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