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Course Outline for Corel Draw

Corel Draw software is an essential design tool for anyone who needs to express ideas visually in print, on the Web, and in any other medium.
Corel Draw is a professional tool for graphic designers and production artists.
All students should be familiar with using a mouse, file management and general operations of a Macintosh or Windows operating system.
Duration: 20 Hrs

Getting Started with CorelDRAW
Starting CorelDRAW, Working with Command Bars
Opening and Navigating in a Drawing, Closing a Drawing
Drawing Tools
The Drawing Area, Drawing Objects
Drawing Lines , Saving a Drawing
Working with Text, The Artistic Media Tool
Working with Objects, Importing a File
Modifying Objects, Adding a Graphic Image
Working with Text Objects—Copying
Formatting Objects, Working with Fills
Modifying Outlines, Working with Drop Shadows
Fit Text to Path
Additional Formatting Techniques
Working with Text
Artistic and Paragraph Text
Formatting Paragraph Text
Wrapping Text
Customizing the Environment
Customizing the Menu Bar and Standard Toolbar
Working with Workspaces
Working with Paragraph Text
Creating and Modifying Paragraph Text
Finding and Replacing Text
Fitting Text
Importing and Editing OCR Text
Creating and Modifying Styles and Templates
Creating and Editing a Text Style
: Working with Templates
Drawing and Modifying Objects
Drawing and Editing Curves and Lines
Using Three-point Tools
Using Clipart, Special Characters, and Symbols
Inserting and Editing Clipart from the Web
Inserting Special Characters
Creating Symbols
Using Advanced Printing Options
Creating and Editing a Print Style
Using the Print Merge Wizard
Working with Layers
Examining a Master Page
Creating a Master Layer
Working with Layers
Using Advanced Tools to Create a Technical Drawing
Creating a Technical Drawing Using Advanced Tools
Using Brush Tools and Adding Objects
Working with Interactive Tools
Using Advanced Techniques for Text Manipulation
Working with Paragraph Text
The PowerClip Feature and the Envelope Tool
Creating Bulleted Lists
Working with Vector and Bitmap Graphics
Converting Vector Objects to Bitmaps
Working with Bitmap Graphics
Introduction to CorelTRACE
Advanced Output Options
Preparing a Document For Printing
Other Printing Options


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