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Introduction to Dreamweaver

  • Creating Websites using Dreamweaver CS4
  • Building a Basic Web Page With Dreamweaver
  • A two column Web Page with Dreamweaver
  • The Home Page
  • Publishing Your First Web Page
  • Testing Your Web Page

Inserting other Elements in to your Website

  • Adding Images to Your Website
  • Adding a logo to your Website
  • Adding Other Images to your Web Page
  • Working with Text in Dreamweaver CS4
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • How to change fonts in Dreamweaver
  • Changing the font size
  • Different Coloured Text
  • Making bold or italic text
  • Change the Background Dreamweaver CS4
  • Adding a Background Colour or Image
  • The Status Bar – Dreamweaver CS4

Linking Webpages and Navigation Bars in Dreamweaver

  • Header, Footer, Side Bar and the main content
  • Making Links in Dreamweaver
  • Making logo a clickable link to homepage
  • Clickable Images that Open Up a Larger Image
  • Making a text link on your Web page
  • Add Navigation Menu Bar to your Web page
  • Add the Menu to Your Side Bar
  • Spry Menu Bar Widget – Add New Elements
  • Spry Menu Bar Widget – Change the Colours
  • Templates in Dreamweaver CS4
  • Creating a Template
  • Link your homepage to the template
  • Templates – Making more new pages
  • Publishing your web pages
  • Modifiying pages using the template
  • Dreamweaver Key Commands.
  • What are Dreamweaver Behaviours?

Integrating Dreamweave with Other Adobe Packages

  • Using Sliced templates creating in Adobe Photoshop


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