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Flash Course Outline

This course provides you to develop efficient, compact Macromedia Flash movies using Macromedia Flash MX.
Graphic professionals who need an essential understanding of Animation.
This is a level 1 course- no previous experience with the program is required. All students should be familiar with using a mouse, file management and general operations of a Macintosh or Windows operating system.
Duration: The length of the course is 20 Hrs.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Learning the Basics
• Introduction to Macromedia Flash MX
• The Macromedia Flash MX interface
• Creating a new Macromedia Flash MX document
• Developing in Macromedia Flash MX

Unit 2: Creating Simple Graphics and Text
• Using graphics
• Importing graphics
• Using text
• Masking

Unit 3: Adding Simple Animation
• Working with symbols, libraries, and instances
• Creating frame-by-frame animation
• Motion tweening
• Using motion guides
• Shape tweening
• Adding stop actions

Unit 4: Using Symbols and Libraries
• Graphic symbols
• Button symbols
• Movie clip symbols
• The structure of a Macromedia Flash MX document
• Working with libraries

Unit 5: Enhancing Functionality Using Actions and ActionScript
• Using ActionScript
• Creating interactive buttons
• Linking to a URL.

Unit 6: Creating Compact Movies
• Using the Load Movie action to create more efficient documents
• Using shared libraries to create smaller Macromedia Flash MX documents

Unit 7: Adding Sound and Video
• Adding sound
• Modifying the sound level
• Adding video
• Using Components
• The Bandwidth Profiler


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